Saturday, February 21, 2009

ok. now that you got that over and done with...

how about a few pointers for yourself today.

  • your world does not revolve around him.
  • don't be such an emo --- baby.
  • don't worry too much... you and her will get your drift back.and while you're at it try to make some effort will you. she misses you a lot.

  • be nicer to the people in the house...
    you're becoming the worst housemate/daughter/sister EVER.

    and you have no excuse - you are way past puberty
    to pull off some erratic shit like that.

  • just remember to breathe.

  • and don't scoff your food down so much ok
    - just in case you get something dislodged in your throat,
    by the rate you're going noone around you would want to take that thing out.

  • sleep right tonight.
  • wake up early tomorrow
  • and make sure you seize the day.

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